Age 13-18


I need zip level estimates for the 13-18 age group for modeling. Does this exist in any of the ACS 5yr 2016 files? If not, any suggestions on a workaround?

  • Hi Sherrina - Sorry for delay. Just saw this post. Single year of age data are not available for ZCTAs.
    Options I can think of include:

    Use a ratio approach to create your own estimate. Estimate the number of 13-14 year olds based on the 12-14 category in table B09001 + 15-17 year olds from table B09001 + estimate 18 year olds from the 18-19 category in table B01001. The sum = estimated population ages 13-18.

    See if you can approximate the area you're looking for using PUMAs and the public use microdata files.