2010 Data Profile variables

Hello-- I'm reposting my previous question to provide more clarity.  I'm new to ACS and am conducting analysis on percent employment by census tract.  When I look at the API link for ACS 2010 5 year estimates, I don't understand the difference between data profile "DP03_0002PE" which indicates Percent Employment Status  In labor force and data profile DP03_0011PE" which has exactly the same description.  Could someone shed some light on this?  I am specifically looking at 2010 ACS.  Here is the link:  api.census.gov/.../variables.html

  • I am pretty sure DP03_0011PE is the estimate of percent females age 16+ in the labor force. The line numbers (like 0002 and 0011) in the API come from the table shells, so sometimes it's helpful to go to the original table (on FactFinder, for example) to compare. The original table here can be found at factfinder.census.gov/.../DP03 if you count to line 11, you'll see that the universe (shown on line 10) is females.

    But I agree with you on this: the descriptions in the API dictionary and the column headers in the original table are confusing!
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    Thank you Beth-- I was wondering if 0011 pertained to females 16+ but it certainly isn't clear on the API. I will certainly refer back to the original table in the future. Thanks for your help!