Need zip code estimate for Age 0-21

The target population for my analysis is age 0-21. Any ideas on how to get these estimates by age groups and by race?

  • Is this ZIP in an urban area that could possibly be approximated using PUMAs?

    If not, you can cobble population ages 0-21 together (based on ZCTAs, a group of tracts, or a group of block groups) based on the B01001 tables (race/ethnicity detail can be found in B01001A-B01001I).

    But there are challenges with producing estimates this way...

    Table B01001 has detail for age 21, but the B01001A-B01001I tables only show detail for ages 20-24. You can either change your age range to 0-24 or make some assumptions about population-by-age distribution within the 20-24 group and derive an estimate.

    Note also that only tables B01001H and B01001I are mutually-exclusive. The others B01001A-B01001G include Hispanic/Latino in the data, so if you want mutually-exclusive categories from existing tables, the most detail you can get is Hispanic/Latino, non-Hispanic white, and other (get other by subtracting the first two from table B01001 for total population).

    So really public use microdata is the way to go if you can align closely enough with the ZIP boundary .
  • I wrote a blog post a little while ago about the differences between Zip Codes and ZCTAs: You may find ZCTAs usable, depending what you're using them for.