Same-Sex Couples Data in ACS 2014-18?

I'm looking for data on same-sex couples at the place level. I know that there is information available about same-sex unmarried partners (table B11009), but I can't seem to locate any data on same-sex married couples.


Is this data available? If so, where might I find it?


Thanks in advance for the help!


Bailey Werner

Planning Data Intern

City of Cambridge Community Development Department

  • There are not tables (that I can see) that report same-sex married couples directly.
    BUT you could derive an estimate by subtracting two universes:

    Universe for Table B23010 is Married Couple Families
    Universe for B23007 is broader, but the Married Couple Families within the table are opposite-sex only (so sum up married couple families with and without children to get opposite-sex married couple families).

    Subtract the second one from the first and that should give you an estimate of same-sex married couple families.

    If you want characteristics of same-sex married couples, you probably need to use Public Use Microdata (great detail, but not geographically aligned with places).
  • In reply to Beth Jarosz:

    Thank you! That works great for our purposes.