Accessing old ACS data on FTP site?

Hi All,


Does anyone have instructions or a video you could refer me to on how to access older ACS data through their FTP site?  Of course, I have some old data I need to pull just in time for the site to go offline yesterday!  I've been poking around the FTP site but it is pretty nebulous.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Bill Byrnes

  • Bill you'll need to download the files then import them into a database. Are you looking for the 5-year data? If there's a particular year you are looking for I have a lot of the data already in Access and SQL files by state (but not all states in some years). or, possibly better yet, check out to get the data you're looking for:
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    Thanks, JamiRae! I will try out the NHGIS data. If that doesn't work out I might be back in touch :-)