household costs as percent of household income

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I’m looking for the following: Percentage of Households With Monthly Housing Costs at Least 30% of Total Household Income by Race and Ethnicity and Ownership, for New York State


That is, I’m looking for data for home owners and for renters (that’s ownership status), and for race/ethnicity within each of those ownership categories.


This table has data about owners, near the bottom of the table, and I can find single year data, for example for 2015 ACS 1 year estimate. But this table does not have info about renters.

S0201. Selected Population Profile in the United States. 


This table has data about renters, but it’s monthly rent (not total costs) as percent of income, and I can only find ACS 5 year data, not one year data.

B25070. GROSS RENT AS A PERCENTAGE OF HOUSEHOLD INCOME IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS. Universe: Renter-occupied housing units.  2006-2010 American Community Survey Selected Population Tables



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Gene Shackman, Ph.D.

Public Health Information Group

NYS Department of Health


  • Gene's Consolidated Planning data set will answer your questions, I believe. This data set is based on on a recompilation of ACS data. You can find the data portal here:

    The query tool will give general results for an area. You will want to down load the NY state data set to get figures for race and Hispanic groups.

    Cliff Cook
  • Cliff, thanks for the suggestion. I'm sorry to say that the percents from the tables don't seem to match the ACS tables. In particular, table 9 from 2007-2011, calculating percents were too different from ACS table s0201, for 2009. Should be some differences, but the differences I got were too large. However, thanks anyway.