ACS 14-18 Poverty Status for Census Block Groups?


I am looking for block-group data on Poverty Status (from Table  B05010 or Table B06012) from the 2014-2018 ACS 5-year file.  It does not appear that these tables are available.  ( only provides national results.) Can someone confirm what data is available?


Adam B.

  • The Census doesn't provide block-group data for either B05010 or B06012. This is the case for many of the ACS 5-year tables. You can look up which tables don't have block group data in the 2018 5-Year Appendices, available through this page:

    If you use NHGIS ( to get ACS data, NHGIS separates the tables with block group data into a separate dataset ("2014_2018_ACS5a" instead of "2014_2018_ACS5b"), so it's easy to see what's available for block groups.

    Note: The 2 tables you're looking for do have data for most other levels besides block groups--not just national results--so you should be able to get tract data, for example, if that's adequate for your needs.