Merging Census API data with map layers

Does anyone know how to merge Census API data with TIGERweb services in javascript? Or any other way to create an online thematic map with Census API data? Programming is not my strong suit but I would like to play around with this a bit.
  • To the best of my knowledge, the Census API doesn't do any GIS data.

    Our project has done some experimental stuff which you might find useful. We have a general purpose API (which is the foundation of our own site) which is documented at We have API endpoints which can return GeoJSON and attribute data, although if you make requests for too many geographies, it may not go well. Performance tuning is an ongoing initiative.

    We also have code which works with Leaflet.js to make it easy to add specific Census geographies to your map: You should be able to use this with the Census Bureau's own API to do thematic mapping.