U.S. Census Bureau Releases Updated Agility in Action Report

The Census Bureau has released Agility in Action 1.2: A Snapshot of Enhancements to the American Community Survey (ACS). This document shares accomplishments and progress in enhancing the ACS and improving customers' experience with the ACS. This is a revision to version 1.1 and includes the following research activities and many more:
- Evaluating the Availability and Suitability of Other Data Sources
- Evaluating Methods to Ask Questions Less Frequently or of Fewer Respondents
- Communicating with Respondents on Why We Ask Questions
- Data Use Awareness
- Respondent Advocacy
You can read this updated report and follow developments in these efforts via the 2015-16 Research on Survey Enhancements webpage at www.census.gov/.../2015-16-survey-enhancements.html
Thank you,
American Community Survey Office
U.S. Census Bureau