U.S. Census Bureau Releases Documentation Supporting the 2012-2016 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Estimates

We are pleased to announce the first release of documentation in support of the 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-year estimates scheduled for release on Thursday, December 7, 2017. This documentation offers ACS data users the opportunity to prepare for next week's data release.

New and updated information related to this release is available now on the 2016 Data Release page.

Highlights include links to the following:

The ACS provides reliable statistics that are used to make informed decisions about the future. These statistics are required by all levels of government to manage or evaluate a wide range of programs, but are also useful for research, business, education, journalism, and advocacy. If you have questions about this survey, please call our Customer Services Center on 1-800-923-8282. 

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American Community Survey Office

U.S. Census Bureau