Question of Using API: Variable Postfix

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I'm new to here and I want to use the API on Census to get the data from ACS.
Here's the link to the variables.
What I get confused is that the explanation of variable "DP02_0059E, DP02_0059M, DP02_0059PE" are identical and I don't understand the postfix of each variable. I cannot find the 'subject definition' document either. (

Does anyone know what does the postfix refer to?
Any help you may provide will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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  • Hi Gan,

    The characters DP02_0059 are the variable identifier or name. The one with 'E' on the end gives you the estimate itself for that variable. The one with 'M' at the end gives you the margin of error for that estimate. I don't know what the 'PM' column gives you. You can probably find the answer here in this introduction: