Android app: Gateway To MAST

Today I moved the app “Gateway To MAST” from beta test to full release in the Google Play Store. Anyone with an android device can now use MAST to create custom tabulations of 2014 PUMS data with up to 8 dimensions and 8 volumes at both the household and person level simultaneously. There is a 10 minute video here that provides a brief introduction.


The app is in its infancy, and cannot yet do all that MAST can do, specifically, it does not allow users to create their own dimensions or volumes, with the minor exception that they can convert continuous variables such as personal income or age into discrete variables by banding. Banding isn't covered in the video, but it is described on


I would welcome any of you to give it a try. The app is free, and at this time the tabulations are also free.

  • It has recently come to my attention that when people search the Google Play Store for Gateway To MAST (which creates custom tabulations of ACS PUMS), it sometimes does not appear first in the search results, but may be buried by a few pages, even though it is the only "Gateway To MAST" app.  This gives the incorrect illusion that it isn't there.  From now on I'll be posting links instead of telling people to go to the store.

    Here’s the deep link from the Google Play Store (you should be able to install directly from this link): Gateway To MAST - Apps on Google Play

    This will get you to the Amazon Kindle version: Gateway To MAST: Apps & Games

    The app and the tabulations are still free, still up to 8 dimensions, 8 volumes, and two levels simultaneously.