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I'm trying to link CPS/ASEC data on occupations to other data, but the MDAT doesn't seem to offer the option to get the code along with the label for each occupation. This makes it much harder to merge with other datasets. Any advice? 



  • The ACS PUMS - SOC crosswalk codes are available in this ACS Code List document: (occupation info starts on page 81). Hope this helps!
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    Hi Diana, Thanks! This does help, but copying and pasting from a pdf to my dataset is not ideal, as you can imagine. I did figure out how to export the codes from the MDAT page, but I just think it would be easier if there were a way to display the codes along with the labels for occupations, industries, etc. But in any case, I figured out a workaround. Thanks again!
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    Would either of these IPUMS USA webpages be helpful:

    Somewhere in IPUMS there may be an Excel document named "2000-4 OCC to 2013 OCCSOC IPUMS Crosswalk.xlsx" that might be useful. I have a copy and can share it if you are interested.
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    Hi - yes! I looked at those, but for my purposes (I'm using the MDAT tool) this was the simplest (see screenshot below). When I download the table, it downloads the occupation titles, but as you can see from the screenshot, it's also possible to export, as a separate table, the titles & codes for the same table you are downloading (click on "OCCP" on the left, and then right click on the table on the right in the screenshot, to get th pop-up with the "export" option). Then, I merged the data table & the titles & codes table, by occupation title, to get a final table with occupation codes, occupation titles, and the column variables (in this case, POVPIP).
    PS: maybe the site doesn't allow the screenshot...?