Help with MDAT Pums

I am trying to gather data for a project for work and I am getting  what I think is an error code.  I get ??? for values in the cell.  Any help would be appreciated.  The variables are below 

Universe: selected geographies: Arlington County (North) PU..., Arlington County (South) PU...; Age (AGEP): 1 to 99 years (Top-coded***); When last worked (WKL): all except: N/A (less than 16 years old); Occupation recode for 2018 and later based on 2018 OCC codes (OCCP): PRD-First-Line Supervisors Of Production And Operating Workers, PRD-Electrical, Electronics, And Electromechanical Assemblers, PRD-Engine And Other Machine Assemblers, PRD-Structural Metal Fabricators And Fitters, PRD-Other Assemblers And Fabricators, PRD-Computer Numerically Controlled Tool Operators And Programmers, PRD-Forming Machine Setters, Operators, And Tenders, Metal And Plastic, PRD-Cutting, Punching, And Press Machine Setters, Operators, And Tenders, Metal And Plastic, PRD-Other Machine Tool Setters, Operators, And Tenders, Metal and Plastic, PRD-Machinists, PRD-Model Makers, Patternmakers, And Molding Machine Setters, Metal And Plastic, PRD-Tool And Die Makers, PRD-Welding, Soldering, And Brazing Workers, PRD-Other Metal Workers And Plastic Workers, PRD-Prepress Technicians And Workers, PRD-Miscellaneous Plant And System Operators, PRD-Chemical Processing Machine Setters, Operators, And Tenders, PRD-Crushing, Grinding, Polishing, Mixing, And Blending Workers, PRD-Extruding, Forming, Pressing, And Compacting Machine Setters, Operators, And Tenders, PRD-Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, And Weighers, PRD-Packaging And Filling Machine Operators And Tenders, PRD-Adhesive Bonding Machine Operators And Tenders, PRD-Etchers And Engravers, PRD-Molders, Shapers, And Casters, Except Metal And Plastic, PRD-Helpers-Production Workers; Industry recode for 2018 and later based on 2017 IND codes (INDP): MFG-Industrial And Miscellaneous Chemicals, MFG-Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Products, MFG-Commercial And Service Industry Machinery, MFG-Communications, And Audio And Video Equipment, MFG-Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, And Control Instruments, MFG-Aircraft And Parts, MFG-Aerospace Products And Parts, MFG-Ship And Boat Building, MFG-Miscellaneous Manufacturing, N.E.C., MFG-Not Specified Manufacturing Industries

  • Hi Mike,
    It looks like you are filtering for Public Use Microdata Areas but there is a note in the MDAT system (which is in beta) that data are currently only available for states. They plan to provide data for other geographic areas soom.