Same Sex married Couples

Is anyone aware of any tables in the 2012-16 ACS files with data on same sex married couples.  There are tables that address the topic of same sex unmarried partners, but I cannot find anything on same sex married couples.

  • What geographic level are you looking for?
    National, single-year data (through 2015) can be found at
    But I also do not recall seeing small-area data in any of the summary files (and I did recently look for a project I'm working on). Perhaps PUMS?
  • In reply to Beth Jarosz:

    I'm trying to find data at the place or mcd levels.

    I took at look at the tables you recommended. The Historical Table does distinguish between between married and unmarried same sex couples but the annual tables do not, oddly. PUMS may be the best/only alternative unless there is another suggestion out there.

    Thanks Beth!