Seek solution to crosswalk table and column IDs of all ACS Summary files

We are trying to calculate social indicators from all summary files (i.e., all available 1,3,5-year files from year 2005 to 2013) that we had downloaded from the Census FTP sites. We found that some table/column IDs seem not always refer to the same subject tables/column across years and summary data files. Therefore, when we tried using same formula to do calculation based on certain columns of specific tables across years and different year (i.e. 1,3,5-year) estimates, we might got incorrect results for certain years/estimates. As compiling an accurate and scalable universal list of Table/Columns IDs for all summary files would take a tremendous amount of time, therefore I would like to seek your help and advice before we dive into it. Any existing solutions, tips, advice would be highly appreciated.
Thanks. Shi-Jen
Center on the Family
University of Hawaii at Manoa