Computer/internet data and 5-year estimates

The 2013-2017 ACS 5-year estimates will be the first to cover all years where questions about computer and internet usage were asked. Is it safe to assume that all tables from B27023 to B28011 will be available (at small geographies) when the 5-year estimates are released in December? How likely is it that these tables will changing?

  • I'm curious to know this answer, as well, given that the table shells for B28001 (computer types) and B28002 (internet types) were modified in 2016 to reflect changes to the 2016 questionnaire.
  • I think I found a hint that these WILL all be included in the 5-year estimates. In the 2017 Table Shells, released prior to the 1-year estimates (here: there is a column titled "Data Release". This column has values of "1", "5", and "1,5". I assume "1,5" means 1-year estimates and 5-year estimates.
  • In reply to Bernie:

    I think they will be available as well, since in FactFinder you can get the 1-year versions for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. This will be the first time that there has been 5 years of survey data with these questions. I am planning to ask at the Census 2013-2017 ACS Pre-release Webinar on Nov. 27.
  • In reply to Diana Lavery:

    update from webinar today: Computer & Internet tables will be available down to Tract only, not BG for this release.