Is there a Data Profile (DP) table to Base (B) table correspondence / crosswalk somewhere?

I am trying to figure out which Base Table the "average family size" variable (DP02_0016E) is coming from.  Does anyone know? 

I am able to find the "average household size," and lots of other variables in DP tables in B tables, but not this one!




  • I don't think "average family size" exists in a B (or C) table. The closest I can find is B11016 HOUSEHOLD TYPE BY HOUSEHOLD SIZE (which has family and non-family households) that you could use to infer a minimum average household size using the top-coded 7+ category. But... no stand-alone average.
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    Thanks, Beth.

    Up until now I thought that all information in the DP tables could be constructed from a B or C table. I guess that's not really the case if this variable (DP02_0016E) is not available in the detailed tables. Just when I thought I knew the intricacies of the summary tables, I still learn something new!
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    Hi Diana,
    It looks like you can calculate average family size from Table B09019. I was able to match the national average (3.24) using this formula:
    Numerator = Row 3 (Population in family households) - Row 18 (nonrelatives in family households) = 256,766,398
    Denominator = Row 4 (Householders in family households) = 79,241,578

    This is a bit clunky though- there may be a simpler way to do this.