Looking for "means of transportation" in ACS 2000 to 2004

Using the fact finder and looking for "means of transportation" - it appears this is only in the 2000 Census and then in the 2005 and onward ACS. Does anyone know if there is a means of transportation question in the ACS from 2000 to 2004?
  • The short answer is no. The ACS went to its full-blown mode in 2005. There were smaller surveys 2000-04 which delivered data oh for areas of 250K plus.

    Patty Becker
  • Thanks, Patty.

    Did the 2000-2004 limited surveys include the means of transportation question?

    250K plus areas is good, because I'm looking at this information for the 50 largest cities. Is there a way to find these surveys online?