ACS tables by race/ethnicity

Question: normally I can get some tables by race, but not by race/ethnicity. For example, poverty in families, s1702

shows poverty among Black alone, Asian alone, etc.... but not Black non-Hispanic, Asian non-Hispanic. It does show Hispanic, but separately from race, and White non-Hispanic, but that's the only group.

Is there a way to get the tables for each group non-Hispanic, like Black non-Hispanic, Asian non-Hispanic, etc? I tried the race and ethnic tab, doesn't seem to help.


  • Hi Gene--
    These breakdowns are very frustrating. All you have is non-Hispanic white, Hispanic, and they various race categories in all of the standard iterations. The only place this is possible to get is in the SF4 like tables, which are done every 5 years.

    I think the last one was done based upon 10 to 14, so we have quite a ways to go to get new ones.
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    I thought so too, but just wanted to check. Thanks.
  • It's possible to get estimates of total persons in a geography by race and Hispanic-Latino status. For example, you can get the estimate of non-Hispanic, Black or African-American persons in a given county or ZCTA. This can be done by pulling Table B03002 from the American Fact-Finder (e.g. see this R script for how to easily process that table to get estimates for ZCTAs).

    However, I don't know how to get any more specific estimates split by race and Hispanic-Latino status. For example, I don't know how to get the estimate of the total number of *adult*, non-Hispanic, Black or African-American persons in a given country or ZCTA.

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    I know this is an old thread but you can find those detailed breakdowns by county in annual population estimates. Those estimates are the basis for ACS totals (since obviously, if you think about it, you can't use a survey to find out how many people there are -- you have to know that going in )
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    Also I personally don't look for non-Hispanic race breakdowns unless it's some unusual topic that really distinguishes between the two -- I use race alone or in combination, Hispanic and non-Hispanic (with the single exception of White alone, non-Hispanic which is the definition of non-minority population) because why leave anybody out who belongs in a race group? The only "problem" it creates is that it doesn't sum to 100% but that's OK by me. Some people truly are both black and Hispanic and there's no reason to segregate them just to create an appearance of neatness in a pie chart. IMHO