Getting a list of zip codes in federally recognized Native American/American Indian reservations


I'm trying to get a list of all zip codes that intersect with American Indian reservations. I can see I can pull data by tribal lands, or by zip codes, but I can't find a table that links the two of them. Any advice?

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Zohar Gilboa

  • The best I've found for this kind of thing is the LEHD LODES crosswalk file. It lists every block in the US (and Puerto Rico, I think), and for each block, for several geography types (summary levels), indicates the ID of the geography containing that block, if there is one.

    The technical documentation for the files are at
    The full US file is at
    It's about 240 MB but unzipped, it's about 5 GB. If you could get by with just selective states, you would have less data to wrangle, but of course, ZCTAs and reservations cross state lines.

    Anyway, once you have one of these files, you could do this:
    * select only the ZCTA (col 13) and "American Indian /Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Area Census Code" (col 29) columns
    * drop rows where column 29 has a '99999' value
    * eliminate duplicates

    the resulting data would show for each ZCTA and reservation which intersect. The only hitch is that there's no area data in here, so you wouldn't know how much of each geography was in each intersection.

    I hope that makes sense. I've been trying to work out some ways to add in area and then generate files like what you're looking for (and other combinations) but it's been on the back burner. Given that I've been working with the files, I could probably generate what I described above pretty quickly, but not now -- i have to go catch my bus!
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    Thank you, I'll try this out! I do have a more limited list of states I can use, we'll see how it goes with that much data.