Race/Ethnicity Breakdown help

I am trying to get race/ethnicity breakdowns (mainly Black, Asian, Native, Hispanic (nonwhite), and White (nonhispanic) of various indicators (ie median earnings, retirement income, HS attainment, transit access, etc). I was able to get these with ease under factfinder, however, data.census is telling me that these breakdowns by race/ethnicity don't exist for the table, which is not true. How would I go accessing these breakdowns for various categories?

  • Same. Am looking for monthly unemployment data for state by ethnicity ... does anyone know how I can find this?
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    Annual data of this sort are produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: www.bls.gov/.../ex14tables.htm
  • I can't obtain data on household tenure by race below the state level.
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    Hi Richard:
    You should be able to access substate data on tenure by race from the ACS 5-year estimates using the following variables in data.census.gov:


    For example, Table B25003B is TENURE (BLACK OR AFRICAN AMERICAN ALONE HOUSEHOLDER) for census tracts in Alabama:
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    There are several questions on this thread. Here are some at least partial answers:

    1. ACS data is annual. there are no monthly figures available. Monthly unemployment by race and other subgroups might be available through the BLS, but I am unsure of this.

    2. Race breakdowns are available for at least some of the topics mentioned here through the ACS. If you are having trouble finding the table by searching on data.census.gov I suggest downloading the the 2018 ACS table list from here:


    This is the technical documentation page for the ACS. Similar lists are available for preceding years.

    3. In some cases there may not be or may no longer be race/ethnicity specific tables for a topic. In that case go to the end of the table list and look for a related Subject table, which start with an "S". In at least some cases you will find what you are looking for in those tables.

    4. In reply to some of the topics mentioned at the outset, many of these are available by race or ethnicity. Where data for each race/ethnicity group is available in separate tables I've appended an "X" after the table number. Substitute "A" for white, "B" for Black/African American, etc.

    - median earnings: B19013X Median Household Income, B19113X Median Family Income
    - HS attainment: C15002X
    - transit access: B08105X labor force, B08505X workforce (These are tables reporting means of journey to work, not access as such. Determining who has differing levels of transit access is a data intensive analysis that usually requires the use of GIS software.)
    - unemployment: S2301 (For this topic, there are no race/ethnicity specific tables but you can find figures for all groups in this Subject table.)

    For any topics for which there is no published race/ethnicity specific data you may still be able to derive figures using the PUMS data. I'll leave it to others to explain how this works. On-line table generators for PUMs are available through data .census.gov and through the IPUMS USA websites.
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    I'm going to have to let others try to answer these follow up questions.
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    Hi Joseph -
    For older time-series data from CPS, try IPUMS.