subcategory values not adding to 100%


I am doing a research project using ACS 2010 5 year estimates. I have downloaded education files for my census tracts of interest and I found that for many of my selected tracts, the given education subcategories do not always add to 100%. Has anyone encountered a similar problem with categories of a variable not adding to 100%? What might be the cause? Do I need to account for margin of error?

Thank you!

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    it would help if you share the table you are using. The totals should always add up, so it is possible that the table you are using is only reporting a subset of the subcategories (example: it gives sub category of only females - so it wouldn't add up unless you add in the male population).

    margin of error should be considered in any analysis, but it would not be the cause of the estimates not adding to 100%.