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A lot of AFF tables are presented by race/ethnicity ... sort of. For example, s1701, poverty status in the past 12 months of family, 2012-2016 ACS 5 year estimates, by county, has White alone, Black alone, Asian alone, and a couple of other groups alone. And then separately, Hispanic or Latino (of any race) and White alone not Hispanic or Latino.

But I can't seem to get non-White non-Hispanic groups for this table, e.g., Black alone not Hispanic or Latino. Asian alone non Hispanic or Latino. I try the Race and Ethnic Groups tab on the left side, and can't get the tables I want.

Any suggestions?



  • Well, I did ask this a couple of months ago, sorry. Any new insights?
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    Hi Gene,

    Unfortunately I don't think that this is available. From my understanding, many ACS tables are like this where only the non-Hispanic White is the only group available by both race and Hispanic origin. The tables B17001A-I are the detailed tables that the numbers in the subject table 1701 are coming from, and all of the detailed tables by race/Hispanic origin (ones ending in A-I) follow this same pattern. I'm pretty sure that this is to protect individuals from potentially being identified at the block group or tract level (if a group is too small, it's usually combined with other groups).

    I think that Black Hispanics basically get included in both the Black alone, and Hispanic or Latino - same for all groups listed except for White Alone, not Hispanic or Latino. I've sometimes used the B03002 table to check sums when I'm in doubt, but the universe for all the "17" tables are "for whom poverty status can be determined" so it might differ.

  • Gene,
    If you don't need data for the most recent year, you could try the Selected Population Profiles, which provide detailed racial/ethnic (and tribal) data for 2006-2010 and 2011-2015:
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    Diana, I thought so too. Just wanted to check. Thanks for the response.