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Does anyone know how to search for a specific ACS table (e.g. B01003) in First time actually using it instead of Factfinder.

  • just type it in the search box and it should come up:

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    I could swear I tried that! It's working for me now. Thanks!
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    I hit reply before I finished but wanted to add that once the table is up, you will then be able to change the geography and select the dataset (product - 1 year or 5 year) you want the estimates for.

    It defaults to US geography and the 1-year 2018 product, so you will then change those to what you need. I always select the product first so I get the geography I need (i.e. if you need Block Group or Tract it won't let you select anything for that if you have the 1-year product selected at the top).

    good luck!
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    When I search for a table, then for a geography (or geography), then want to look at a different table, it gets rid of my geographies and goes back to the US. It would be nice if it kept the filter conditions.


    Thanks again!

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    I know - it's a bit frustrating at times. I am not a pro at using - so maybe someone else knows how to keep those filters and can chime in here.

    It is mostly frustrating because it is totally different than FactFinder where I could wiz through quickly to find just what I want and add/change geographies and tables as needed.