List of districts associated with an address or geo-code

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question.  What I would like to do is send an address or geo-code and get a "return" response of all of the districts or boundary files associated with that address.  For example, the list would contain: Congressional District, Upper and Lower State Legislature, School Districts, County, Transportation Districts etc.  From that list, we would then query specific ACS data associated with each district.  For example, population, median household income etc.  The API queries appear to dump all the data.  I suppose we could do that, but then I'm just replicating the a lot of ACS database.  I'd rather pull what we need based on our user's profile (their address or geo-location).  We can also limit API calls if addresses share the same set of districts because we already have that data.  Is there a method to do a geo-query to get a list of districts?  Note that at this time, we are not rendering map shapes. Thanks!