Inconsistent Variable Attribution between 5-yr DP for years 2016 and 2017

Running into serious issues when trying to relate 2016 to 2017. API does not seem to refer to appropriate universe in demographic profiles, which is severely limiting our ability to parse in a consistent format so that estimate across 2015, 2016 and 2017 can be compared. Or am I wrong and PCI is actually only to be applied to family households?

"DP03_0088PE": { "label": "Percent Estimate!!INCOME AND BENEFITS (IN 2017 INFLATION-ADJUSTED DOLLARS)!!Families!!Per capita income (dollars)", "concept": "SELECTED ECONOMIC CHARACTERISTICS", "predicateType": "int", "group": "DP03", "limit": 0, "attributes": "DP03_0088PM,DP03_0088PMA,DP03_0088PEA"

  "DP03_0088E": {
      "label": "Estimate!!INCOME AND BENEFITS (IN 2016 INFLATION-ADJUSTED DOLLARS)!!Per capita income (dollars)",
      "predicateType": "int",
      "group": "DP03",
      "limit": 0,
      "attributes": "DP03_0088M,DP03_0088MA,DP03_0088EA"