2018 block group estimates for population, households, & occupied households

If I read my documentation correctly, it should be possible to get block group estimates from the December release.  It appears that only the acs5 data set has this kind of data.

When I do the following example query:  https://api.census.gov/data/2018/acs/acs5?get=B01003_001E,B25001_001E,B25002_002E&for=block%20group:*&in=state:01%20county:025&key=<redacted>

The block group return data is bogus, i.e. wrong block group #s and a tiny fraction of the block groups.

I've submitted a trouble ticket,

but, Is there any way to get this data any other way?  A hint would be appreciated.  FYI, I have to update our data for the whole country so broad stroke suggestions would be helpful.  I can do it from an API, but I'd be happier with a humongous file download(s).  :)

  • Have you tried using the summary files? They're a bit clunky, but once you have your code written, it's pretty stable from release to release. I can provide some references to get you started if you're interested.
  • In reply to Beth Jarosz:

    Yes, but.... The release date is supposed to be December 19th, 2019. Starting with this directory point, www2.census.gov/.../

    Going to data/

    There are two directories, 5 year comparison profiles and 5 year geographic comparison tables, for that date, and none of the files in those directories appear to have data at the block group level... or maybe I'm going blind? :)