Working With Census API and ACS 5-year data

've just started working with Census APIs, and so far I'm loving what this can do to improve my work flow when working with American Community Survey Data.

For most of the data work I'm doing, my primary geographic level is the county subdivision. BUT, I also like to include data for each of the counties I'm working with, and the state level.

I know how to access EACH of those three levels, but I'm not sufficiently familiar with JSON programming protocols to know how (or whether) I can combine multiple geographic LEVELS in a single API data call?

I have been looking at the EXAMPLES found here [], and don't see any that combine multiple geographic levels, but I strongly suspect this is something I should be able to do?

Thanks for any assistance folks can offer.

Cheers, Doug.

P.S FYI, this is me here: and here: 

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