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American Community Survey Data Users Group

online community This online community is a place for members of the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) Data Users Group to share messages, materials, and announcements related to ACS data, methods, and events.

What is it?

The ACS Data Users Group helps improve understanding of the value and utility of ACS data and to promote information sharing among data users about key ACS data issues and applications.

Who runs it?

The group is maintained by Population Reference Bureau (PRB) in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau.

Who can join?

Anyone who is interested in learning more about ACS data.
Most Frequently Asked Questions
I am a new ACS data user. Where can I access data for my community?
Data.census.gov is the Census Bureau’s primary tool for accessing social, economic, housing, and demographic data from the ACS. For tutorials and other how-to materials on data.census.gov, visit the Census Bureau’s website. The Census Bureau’s ACS website is a comprehensive source of information about the ACS and the different ways to access the data. The ACS Online Community also includes a Resources page with links to several key Census Bureau and external resources on the ACS.
How can I find ACS data for a particular ZIP Code?
The Census Bureau does not produce population data at the ZIP Code level, but rather ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs), which are generalized representations of U.S. Postal Service ZIP Code service areas. The Census Bureau produced a short video that explains how ZCTAs differ from ZIP Codes. Discussion Forum threads on ACS data for ZIP Codes
Where can I find information about changes to the ACS Summary File format?
Information about the new ACS Summary File format is available on the Census Bureau’s website. Discussion Forum threads on the ACS Summary File
How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the ACS?
The coronavirus pandemic severely America’s data infrastructure—including the ACS. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on ACS data collection in 2020, the Census Bureau released a series of experimental estimates from the ACS 1-year data. However, after revising its methodology to reduce nonresponse bias in data collected in 2020, the Census Bureau determined the ACS 5-year estimates were fit for public release. Discussion Forum threads on the effects of COVID-19 on the ACS
How can I access ACS data on business establishments?
The ACS is a household survey and does not include information about business establishments, but Census Business Builder provides selected demographic and economic data from the ACS and other sources for small business owners, chambers of commerce, and regional planning staff. Discussion Forum threads on business data