We are currently reviewing abstract submissions for the next ACS Data Users Conference, to be held on May 16-18, 2023. Registration will open in March. 

We are planning a hybrid event that will include in-person, plenary sessions on May 16 in Washington, DC (livestreamed) followed by virtual breakout sessions with remote attendees on May 17-18.

The conference will bring together ACS data users and U.S. Census Bureau staff to share information about key ACS data issues and applications. The conference will include:

  • Contributed presentations by ACS data users
  • Invited plenary sessions
  • Breakout sessions
  • Lightning sessions

Registration for the conference will be free for all participants. Presentations at the event will cover a broad range of topics related to ACS data, such as: 

Accuracy of ACS data

Developing estimates and projections using ACS Data

Using the ACS to measure trends over time

ACS data for rural and tribal communities

Innovations in visualizing/mapping ACS data

Using the ACS to measure the impact of the coronavirus pandemic

ACS methods and survey design

Using the ACS for housing analyses

Using the ACS to study community health issues

Aggregating ACS data to create effective user-defined areas

Advancing equity and inclusion with ACS data

Utility of the ACS for businesses, government agencies, media, and non-profits

Combining ACS with other survey or administrative data

Using the ACS for emergency response

Policy applications based on ACS data

If you have questions about the ACS Conference, please contact Diana Elliott (delliott@prb.org) or Mark Mather (mmather@prb.org).