2017 ACS Data Users Conference

More than 300 ACS data users attended the 2017 ACS Data Users Conference, held May 11-12, 2017, at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Madison Building in Alexandria, Virginia. PRB organized the conference in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau and with guidance from an ACS Data Users Group Steering Committee. The program brought together more than 50 contributed presentations by ACS data users, invited sessions with Census Bureau staff, informal roundtable discussions, and opportunities for networking.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Plenary Session: The American Community Survey and Census 2020: Looking Ahead

Moderator: Linda A. Jacobsen, PRB

John H. Thompson, Director, U.S. Census Bureau


Lisa M. Blumerman, Associate Director, Decennial Census Programs, U.S. Census Bureau


Victoria A. Velkoff, Chief, American Community Survey Office, U.S. Census Bureau


 Census Bureau plenary.pdf

Robert Chestnut, Dissemination Communications and User Engagement Chief, U.S. Census Bureau

VIDEO | Chestnut.pdf

David Waddington, Chief, Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division, and Former Respondent Advocate, U.S. Census Bureau

VIDEO | Waddington.pdf


Breakout Session 1: Assessing Health Insurance Estimates with ACS Data

Moderator: Joseph J. Salvo, New York City Department of City Planning

Concordance of ACS and Administrative Counts of Medicaid/CHIP Enrollment over Time: Implications for Research and Evaluation of the Affordable Care Act ▪ Brett Fried, Kathleen Call, and Elizabeth Lukanen, State Health Access Data Assistance Center, University of Minnesota; and Michel Boudreaux, University of Maryland

VIDEO | Fried.pdf

Accuracy of ACS Health Insurance Estimates: Survey Reports Versus Enrollment Records ▪ Joanne Pascale, U.S. Census Bureau; Kathleen Call, State Health Access Data Assistance Center, University of Minnesota; Angela Fertig, Medica Research Institute; and Don Oellerich, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

VIDEO | Pascale.pdf

Medicaid Under-Report in Recent ACS - An Approach for Partial Correction ▪ Wei Yen, Washington State Office of Financial Management

VIDEO | Yen.pdf


Breakout Session 2: Producing ACS Data Profiles for States and Local Communities

Moderator: Mark Mather, PRB

Community Partnerships: Creating Custom ACS Data Portraits for Community Organizers ▪ Carrie Koss Vallejo, Data You Can Use

Koss Vallejo.pdf

Utilizing Census Data to Develop Demographic Profiles at the Sub-County Level ▪ Maria Peña, Leslie Ray, and Sanaa Abedin, County of San Diego

VIDEO | Pena.pdf

Making News out of the ACS: Case Study of a Research Collaboration with a News Outlet Using ACS Data on Health Insurance Coverage ▪ David Egan-Robertson, Malia Jones, Daniel Veroff, and Caitlin McKown, Applied Population Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison

VIDEO | EganRobertson.pdf


Breakout Session 3: Preliminary Results from the 2016 American Community Survey Content Test

Moderator: Jennifer Ortman, U.S. Census Bureau

Overview of the Methodology of the Content Test ▪ Broderick Oliver, U.S. Census Bureau


Health Insurance ▪ Edward Berchick, U.S. Census Bureau


Weeks Worked ▪ David Howard, U.S. Census Bureau


Computer and Internet Use ▪ Camille Ryan, U.S. Census Bureau 


Journey-to-Work and Commute Mode ▪ Brian McKenzie, U.S. Census Bureau 


Race & Hispanic Origin ▪ Angela Buchanan, U.S. Census Bureau


Industry & Occupation and Class of Worker ▪ Anthony Martinez, U.S. Census Bureau


Telephone Service, Retirement Income, & Relationship  ▪ Jennifer Ortman, U.S. Census Bureau




Breakout Session 4: Using the ACS for Model-Based Estimates

Moderator: Stanislav (Stas) Kolenikov, Abt Associates

In Health Matters, Place Matters: The Virginia Health Opportunity Index ▪ Justin Crow and Rex Anson-Dwamena, Office of Health Equity, Virginia Department of Health

VIDEO | Crow.pdf

Using the American Community Survey (ACS) to Implement a Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) ▪ Liana Fox, Jose Pacas, and Brian Glassman, U.S. Census Bureau

VIDEO | Fox.pdf

Using ACS Microdata to Estimate SNAP and EITC Non-Participation in New York City ▪ Ola Topczewska, Scarlett Swerdlow, Kelly Kreft, and Advik Shreekumar, Civis Analytics

VIDEO | Topczewska.pdf

Is It Still the Economy Stupid? A Spatial Regression Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Election Using the American Community Survey Data and Other Materials ▪ Andrew Beveridge, Queens College CUNY and Social Explorer; Shige Song, Queens College CUNY; and Ahmed Lacevic, Social Explorer

VIDEO | Beveridge.pdf


Breakout Session 5: Comparing or Combining ACS Data with Other Data Sources

Moderator: Joseph J. Salvo, New York City Department of City Planning

Using the ACS to Track the Economic Performance of U.S. Inner Cities ▪ Austin Nijhuis, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

VIDEO | Nijhuis.pdf

Visualizing and Linking ACS Census Tract Data with NYC Public School Students and Schools ▪ Stephanie Kranes, New York City Independent Budget Office

VIDEO | Kranes.pdf

Constructing Measures of Household Characteristics from Administrative Data Sources and the American Community Survey: Similarities and Differences in Methods and Findings ▪ Webb Sprague, Division of Research and Data Analysis, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

VIDEO | Sprague.pdf

Improving Government Service Delivery with the American Community Survey ▪ Chris Eshleman, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; and Jonathan Auerbach, Columbia University

VIDEO | Eshleman.pdf


Breakout Session 6: Using the ACS to Monitor Public Health

Moderator: Penelope Weinberger, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Small Area Estimates of Health Insurance Coverage: A Local Health Department Perspective ▪ Sanaa Abedin, Leslie Ray, and Maria Peña, County of San Diego

VIDEO | Abedin.pdf

Neighborhood Tabulation Areas: Triangulating the ACS with Other Data at the Small Area Level to Enhance Population Health Improvement Capacity in New York City ▪ Tsu-Yu Tsao, Kathleen Reilly, and Anna Zhilkova, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

VIDEO | Tsao.pdf

Utilization of ACS and Other Federal Data to Address Health Disparities in a Federally Designated Region ▪ Whitney Zahnd, Georgia Mueller-Luckey, and Joshua Sarver, Office of Population Science and Policy, School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University

VIDEO | Zahnd.pdf

Improving Population Health Requires Identifying Priority Areas: The Social Determinants of Health Mapper ▪ David Grolling, American Academy of Family Physicians; Mark Carrozza and Jené Grandmont, HealthLandscape

VIDEO | Grolling.pdf


Breakout Session 7a: Impact of ACS Methods/Design on Data Quality (Intermediate/Advanced)

Moderator: Stanislav (Stas) Kolenikov, Abt Associates

The Impact of the Undercount of Young Children in the Census on Poverty Estimates from the American Community Survey ▪ William O’Hare, O’Hare Data and Demographic Services, LLC

VIDEO | O'Hare.pdf

Restating Earnings in Common-Year Terms When Combining Multiple ACS PUMS Files ▪ David Gibson, Vocational Economics, Inc.

VIDEO | Gibson.pdf  |  Gibson_handout.pdf


Breakout Session 7b: Impact of ACS Methods/Design on Data Quality (Novice/Intermediate)

Moderator: Lance George, Housing Assistance Council

As Time Goes By: How Period Data Influence the Estimates of Recently Arrived Immigrants in the American Community Survey ▪ Luke Larsen, Elizabeth Grieco, and Howard Hogan, U.S. Census Bureau

VIDEO | Larsen.pdf

What Do Margins of Error Tell Us About Small Area ACS Data? ▪ Ken Hodges, Claritas

VIDEO | Hodges.pdf


Friday, May 12, 2017

Plenary Session: Looking Ahead: Meeting ACS Data User Needs

Moderator: Mark Mather, PRB

David Hubble, Senior Statistician, Westat

VIDEO | Hubble.pdf

Joseph J. Salvo, Director, Population Division, New York City Department of City Planning


Jason R. Jurjevich, Assistant Professor, Portland State University

VIDEO | Jurjevich.pdf

Lance George, Director of Research and Information, Housing Assistance Council

VIDEO | George.pdf

Emilia Istrate, Director of Research and Outreach, National Association of Counties


Penelope Weinberger, CTPP Program Manager, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials


Stanislav (Stas) Kolenikov, Senior Scientist, Abt Associates

VIDEO | Kolenikov.pdf

Mark Mather, Associate Vice President, U.S. Programs, PRB

VIDEO | Mather.pdf


Breakout Session 8: Best Practices for Mapping ACS Data

Moderator: Jason R. Jurjevich, Portland State University

Towards Standards in Mapping ACS Data ▪ Joel Alvarez and Joseph Salvo, New York City Department of City Planning

VIDEO | Alvarez.pdf

Can We Map ACS Data with "Confidence?" ▪ David Wong and Min Sun, George Mason University 

VIDEO | Wong_D.pdf

Breakout Session 9: Case Studies: Data Visualization Tools

Moderator: Emilia Istrate, National Association of Counties

Democratizing Open Data - Making Data Accessible Through Interactive Data Visualizations ▪ Anne Pickford Cahill, County of Fairfax, Virginia

VIDEO | PickfordCahill.pdf

Visualizing ACS Data to Support Regional Policy and Economic Development ▪ Jami Dennis, Maricopa Association of Governments

VIDEO | Dennis.pdf

Breakout Session 10: New ACS Applications and Resources

Moderator: Lance George, Housing Assistance Council

Using ACS Data to Study the 2016 Election in the Classroom: A Case Study from Bucknell UniversityTodd Suomela, Janine Glather, and Carrie Pirman, Bucknell University

VIDEO | Suomela.pdf

New Additions and Updates on the ACS Website Justin Keller, U.S. Census Bureau 


Breakout Session 11: ACS Data for Tribal Areas and Rural Communities

Moderator: Lance George, Housing Assistance Council

Using ACS Data to Explore Native American Populations: A Closer Look at Tribal Tracts ▪ Keith Wiley and Christina Davila, Housing Assistance Council

VIDEO | Wiley.pdf

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Disability among Medicare Beneficiaries in Rural Communities: ACS 2012-2015 ▪ Shondelle Wilson-Frederick, Loida Tamayo, Elsa Haile, and Cara James, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

VIDEO | WilsonFrederick.pdf


Breakout Session 12: Tools: Novice/Intermediate

Moderator: Emilia Istrate, National Association of Counties

Data USA: Using Census Data to Create Data-Driven Narratives ▪ Jonathan Speiser, Datawheel LLC

VIDEO | Speiser.pdf

Populations at Risk - A Free Automated Web-Based Tool ▪ Patty Gude, Ray Rasker and Scott Story, Headwaters Economics

VIDEO | Gude.pdf

State Data Centers: The Census Bureau's Premier Local Partners ▪ Gregg Bell, University of Alabama

VIDEO | Bell.pdf

Reduce Steps to Save Consumer Dollars: Delivering Ready-to-Use ACS Data for Sophisticated Data Consumers ▪ Jan Vink, Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER)

VIDEO | Vink.pdf


Breakout Session 13: Tools: Advanced

Moderator: Jason R. Jurjevich, Portland State University

ACS Data Resources from the Missouri Census Data Center ▪ John Blodgett and Glenn Rice, Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis, University of Missouri

VIDEO | Blodgett.pdf

Supplemental Geography for ACS Microdata from IPUMS ▪ Jonathan Schroeder, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota

VIDEO | Schroeder_J.pdf

Mapping ACS Data in R with Choroplethr ▪ Ari Lamstein, Lamstein Consulting LLC

VIDEO | Lamstein.pdf

Leveraging Linked Data: Semantic Web Technologies Applied to ACS Data ▪ Jonathan Ortiz, data.world

VIDEO | Ortiz.pdf


Breakout Session 14: Applications of ACS Data for Estimates and Forecasts

Moderator: Linda Jacobsen, PRB

ACS Data in Population Estimates and Forecasts: Practical Considerations and Extensions ▪ Matt Schroeder and Todd Graham, Metropolitan Council – Twin Cities

VIDEO | Schroeder_M.pdf

Challenges in Using PUMS to Generate Small Area Demographic Multipliers to Assess Development Impacts ▪ Sidney Wong, Community Data Analytics

VIDEO | Wong_S.pdf

Estimating Distributions for Populations Within Nested Geographies with Public-Use Data ▪ Matthew Simpson and Christopher Wikle, University of Missouri; Scott Holan, University of Missouri/U.S. Census Bureau; and Jonathan Bradley, Florida State University

How ACS Commuting Data Can Make Smart Cities Smarter ▪ Peter Viechnicki, Deloitte Center for Government Insights

VIDEO | Viechnicki.pdf


Breakout Session 15: Applications of ACS/CTPP Data for Transportation and Planning

Moderator: Penelope Weinberger, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Assessing the Utility of the 2006-2010 CTPP Five-Year Data ▪ Cemal Ayvalik, Cambridge Systematics; Kevin Tierney, Independent Consultant; and Penelope Weinberger, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

VIDEO | Ayvalik.pdf

Using Published Margins of Error While Aggregating CTPP Tables and for Sensitivity Analysis ▪ Jianzhu Li and Tom Krenzke, Westat

VIDEO | Li.pdf

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Commuting Patterns in Southern California Using ACS PUMS, CTPP and LODES ▪ Jung Seo, Frank Wen, Simon Choi, and Tom Vo, Southern California Association of Governments

VIDEO | Seo.pdf

Using ACS Data for Market Segmentation of Households and Employment in North Central Texas Regional Travel Model ▪ Kathleen Yu, Liang Zhou, and Arash Mirzaei, North Central Texas Council of Governments

VIDEO | Yu.pdf