What happened to some data for Rio Arriba County, New Mexico?

We've discovered what appears to be an anomaly in the 5-year estimates for 2018 - After importing all the ACS summary file data for the entire U.S. into SQL server, we queried on block groups (BG) for data items we are using in a project.  We were able to get data on race/minority and even limited english proficiency by BG, but other data items we need, such as income (table B19001) and children under 6 with parents in the labor force (table B23008) are not included. The interesting part is that the data from tables B19001 and B23008 are available by BG for all other counties in the nation, but just not this one county.

Anyone have any ideas on why this may be the case? The county has not been dissolved or changed as far as I can tell (they had a job announcement posted in December) - so is this a question I should direct to someone at the Census Bureau?