Interesting Visualization Of ACS Migration Data

While not GIS, I found this chart to be a very interesting visualization of migration data from the 2012 ACS and did not know where else to post the link:

If you mouse over the name of a state the graphic changes to display just flows in and out of that state. Only flows over 10,000 people are shown.

There is a short article in The Atlantic about this effort:

Perhaps this group could cover not just GIS but any visualization of ACS data.
  • I agree. It is a very effective presentation. I would love to know how it was done.
  • I was at the ESRI UC and saw a presentation where the Census showed their Census Flows Mapper:

    This allows you to graphically look at migration patterns at the county level. I remember them talking about creating some API's and allowing developers to more easily use the data.

    In any case, the state to state visualization is very nice.
  • I got in touch with the authoer Chris Walker and this is what he told me about the graphic: "I utilized a JavaScript library called D3.js ( that allows you to create really powerful interactive data visuals. It was created by Michael Bostock who is currently at the New York Times graphics desk. A lot of those really cool New York Times interactive graphics you’re probably familiar with were created with D3.js. The library is open source and there is a strong developer community."
  • Mike's personal website is at: You can find examples that he's posted in Gists (github), which you can fork into your own repo. He's also the maintainer of, which is a github code viewer. Good luck.