Comparing ACS Hispanic data with Decennial

Hi. I want to compare the count of Hispanic households between ACS data and the 2000 and 2010 decennial census. With race, I can use SF3 table H009 and ACS table B25006. This is condoned in the Table Comparison Spreadsheet ( However, for Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, the comparison spreadsheet says there is no comparable table to H010 (Hispanic Or Latino Householder By Race Of Householder).

But I don't care about the racial breakdowns for Hispanic/Latino households (though that would be great). So would I be okay using indicator H010010 (Hispanic or Latino householder) from SF3, and, say, B25003I_001 (Tenure, Hispanic or Latino householder; Total) from ACS, and working them into a time series?

I don't know of a reason I can't, but I can't find documentation saying I can. Thanks!

  • Sorry, I think I answered my own question! ACS table B25003I is comparable with SF3 table H012. Theoretically, H012001 (Total occupied housing units with a householder who is Hispanic or Latino) is the same as H010010 (Hispanic or Latino householder, total occupied housing units). So I should be good.