PUMAs missing in AFF and the Summary Files

When using PUMAs for estimates from the ACS 2016 1-year AFF or Summary Files, 6 NYS PUMAs are missing for Table B23001.

01201 Erie County (Northwest) PUMA, New York

01801 Saratoga County (South & Central) PUMA, New York

03309 Suffolk County (Central)--Islip Town (East) PUMA, New York

03703 NYC-Bronx Community District 10--Co-op City, Pelham Bay & Schuylerville PUMA; New York

03805 NYC-Manhattan Community District 8--Upper East Side PUMA, New York

03808 NYC-Manhattan Community District 6--Murray Hill, Gramercy & Stuyvesant Town PUMA; New York

There are 5 PUMAs missing (not the same group) from the ACS 2015 1-year for Table B23001.

Does anyone know the reason or how to get it corrected?