ACS Table for Severe Housing Burden

There are a variety of tables similar to "PERCENT OF RENTER-OCCUPIED UNITS SPENDING 30 PERCENT OR MORE OF HOUSEHOLD INCOME ON RENT AND UTILITIES", but is anyone aware of a table to includes spending of 50 percent or more of household income in rent?

This report on homelessness directs readers to the 2016 ACS 1-Year Estimates, but I can not locate a table that displays 50 percent or more on rent.

  • Check out Table B25070 Gross rent as a percentage of household income.
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    Thank you. Is there a table for this by poverty level?
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    There is another data set you might want to look at to supplement the ACS table. This is the Consolidated Planning data set, with is a recompilation of ACS data done for HUD. There are a number of tables that report whether households spend more than 30% and 50% of income on housing costs. Renters vs owners is one of the primary distinctions made in the data. While poverty level is not used as a parameter, percentage of area median income (which differs from ACS median household income) is used. Table 11 reports rent burden for households earning less than 20% of AMI, which gets close to poverty level in my region (Boston) and might even be below in yours.