Detailed Languages Spoken at Home, Ages 5-17

We are looking for data on the languages spoken at home for children, ages 5-17, in our County. So far, the only tables I have been able to find that include a breakdown by age have very broad language categories (eg: "Asian and Pacific Island Languages"), but we would really prefer to have the detail. When I get rid of age for this topic, I am able to find a detailed breakdown (by specific languages) for the whole County population. 

Is this type of detail not available due to sample size concerns when the age breakdown is brought in? Any suggestions?

Appreciate the help!

  • I looked at the ACS files for 2018 and prior years. There does not appear to be much detailed language data available when broken out by age. (In recent years the ACS has rolled back the level of detail available for language spoken at home tables, but that does not appear to be an issue here.)

    As an alternative, you could try using the Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) files if your county geography fits neatly into one or more Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs). You can run this analysis on-line using the IPUMS-USA website. The hardest part might be tracking down the PUMA maps for your state.
  • In reply to Cliff Cook:

    I agree with Cliff that PUMS is your best bet, and you can get the PUMA maps by searching for them at, or contacting your state data center lead agency. But please be careful - the MOEs will be high, although they don't show on PUMS, especially if your county is under half a million population. Not that many households have children age 5-13.