Census 2020-based PUMAs are apparently finalized

The Census 2020-based Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) are apparently finalized. I found a Census Bureau page that provides a link to ALL of the new PUMAs, in PDF format.


My questions are:

1) Will the 2021 ACS data release scheduled for September 15 include these new Census 2020 PUMAs?

2) Will the 2021 ACS PUMS (October 20th release) be based on Census 2020 PUMAs?

3) Are the new Census 2020 PUMAs in TIGER/Line right now? (I love asking "are the PUMAs in TIGER"?)

Probably best answered by Census Bureau staff, or somebody in the State Data Center network who's into this kind of detail.

Thanks in advance, Chuck