Choosing DP or B or C or S tables

Busy day with the new single year 2021 estimates released!!

I was using a tidycensus R script to pull relevant data on workers working at home, total workers, and total population. Usually I go to table B08006 to get data on workers by means of transportation to work.

Kyle Walker, creator of tidycensus, posted a tweet this morning about the top ten or so places by work-at-home share... He used the DP03 table (specifically, table cell DP03_0024P) (Percent working at home).

My initial run pulling data from table B08006 missed a few places that Kyle mentioned in his tweet. (Dublin, California, for example) .

This is because the DP03 table is almost a "super-collapsed" version of B08006... Even more collapsed than C08006. There is much less likely to be place-level suppression in a DP table compared to the standard "B" (basic) or "C" (collapsed) tables. Not sure if this holds comparing DP to S tables.

Ya learn something new every day.

My R-script from today's adventures is on my github for all to enjoy (and hopefully correct if I screwed up!)