Census 2020 PUMAS (n=2,487)

I produced an r script to take the Census Bureau's list of the finalized 2020 Census-based PUMAs (in PDF format), to an edited format (csv, xlsx)

The number of US PUMAs has increased from 2,101 after Census 2000, to 2,378 after Census 2010, and now to 2,487 PUMAs after Census 2020. (Or so to the best of my abilities.)

The input and output data, and the R script, are in a newly created repository on my github:


The XLSX file which tallies PUMAs by state will probably be useful here and there.

Can someone who is agile with R please review and rerun (and correct) my R scripts / analyses? As a retired person, I no longer have minions to do my bidding (or check my work!)

There's an HTML table that Todd Graham mentioned that has a lot more information on the 2020 PUMAs (land area, centroids, etc.) but I'll pass on the opportunity to scrape that kind of table.

And, to answer my own previous questions: no, the new PUMAs won't be used until data products are released in 2023. I'm pretty certain this is correct.