ACS congressional district level data


I need congressional district-level income and education data, e.g. % of Households earning say over 100k from 2000-2009. I understand that I can go through ACS estimates from 2009-2020 to get this data, but I wished to understand if there is a way to access the earlier period data. 

Apologies if this is not the correct forum for such queries. Thank you. 

  • I believe that congressional-district level data is available in both the 1-year and 5-year estimates, and therefor it should exist in 1-year estimates going back to 2005. I see that pre-2010 data isn't available at, so you'd have to access it either through downloading the summary files (which could be pretty cumbersome: or through the API.

    Unfortunately, since the ACS only began in 2005, you can't get data for 2001-2004. For 2000, you should be able to use the 2000 Census data, which has the income data now part of the ACS.

    Just be careful, since congressional district boundaries change every 10 years (and sometimes more often that that), to take into account the changes in geography. The Census/ACS data at the congressional district level changes with the changes in geography, and aren't retroactively recalculated. So you can't use congressional district level to track the data for the current district over the past 20 years; for that, you'd have to estimate by aggregating smaller-level data (like, all the block groups that roughly fit into a congressional district).