ACS 2019 subject definition lists Mean Travel Time to Work but only Aggregate Travel Time to Work is available in summary tables


In ACS 2019 subject definitions page 97 ( (if it says the link does not exist when you click it, copy and paste it into your browser please), it lists "Mean Travel Time to Work (in Minutes)", and says that "This measure is obtained by dividing the total number of minutes taken to get from home to work (the aggregate travel time) by the number of workers 16 years old and over who did not work at home."

However, I did not find any tables about Mean Travel Time to Work (in Minutes) in 2019 ACS, the only tables available are for "Aggregate Travel Time to Work (in Minutes)". I understand that I could compute mean travel time to work myself by dividing the aggregate travel time by the number of workers 16 years old and over who did not work at home. However, I'm just curious that if "Mean Travel Time to Work (in Minutes)" is listed in ACS 2019 subject definitions, why would it not appear in 2019 ACS tables. Also in my opinion (please correct me if I'm wrong), the Mean Travel Time to Work is a more interesting measure than Aggregate Travel Time to Work. Therefore, I was wondering why the summary tables only include Aggregate Travel Time to Work, but not Mean travel Time to Work.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.