My favorite fields\tables for county measures (top level)

My somewhat final list of key fields at the county level, top level (race, age, Foreign, not race by age by foreign).  With a fair amount of time ( 3-4 weekends under by belt ), this is what I've found to be most interesting at the county level.  In case anyone finds this helpful.

Column Name Label My_Name
S0101_C01_001E Estimate!!Total!!Total population Tot_Pop
S0101_C01_030E Estimate!!Total!!Total population!!SELECTED AGE CATEGORIES!!65 years and over Pop_65+
S0101_C01_032E Estimate!!Total!!Total population!!SUMMARY INDICATORS!!Median age (years) Pop_MedianA
S0101_C02_002E Estimate!!Percent!!Total population!!AGE!!Under 5 years Pop_<5
S0101_C02_022E Estimate!!Percent!!Total population!!SELECTED AGE CATEGORIES!!Under 18 years Pop_<18
S0101_C02_026E Estimate!!Percent!!Total population!!SELECTED AGE CATEGORIES!!18 years and over Pop_18+
S0101_C05_001E Estimate!!Female!!Total population Female%
S1101_C01_002E Estimate!!Total!!HOUSEHOLDS!!Average household size H_Size
S1101_C01_004E Estimate!!Total!!FAMILIES!!Average family size F_Size
S1101_C01_019E Estimate!!Total!!Total households!!HOUSING TENURE!!Renter-occupied housing units Rent%
S1501_C02_005E Estimate!!Percent!!AGE BY EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT!!Population 18 to 24 years!!Bachelor's degree or higher 18-24BA+
S1501_C02_015E Estimate!!Percent!!AGE BY EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT!!Population 25 years and over!!Bachelor's degree or higher 25+BA+
S1701_C03_001E Estimate!!Percent below poverty level!!Population for whom poverty status is determined Poverty
S1701_C03_002E Estimate!!Percent below poverty level!!Population for whom poverty status is determined!!AGE!!Under 18 years Pov_<18
S1701_C03_003E Estimate!!Percent below poverty level!!Population for whom poverty status is determined!!AGE!!Under 18 years!!Under 5 years Pov_<5
S1701_C03_010E Estimate!!Percent below poverty level!!Population for whom poverty status is determined!!AGE!!65 years and over Pov_65+
S1901_C01_002E Estimate!!Households!!Total!!Less than $10,000 H_<$10k
S1901_C01_011E Estimate!!Households!!Total!!$200,000 or more H_>$200k
S1901_C01_013E Estimate!!Households!!Mean income (dollars) H_$Mean_I
S2101_C04_001E Estimate!!Percent Veterans!!Civilian population 18 years and over VA
S2201_C04_001E Estimate!!Percent households receiving food stamps/SNAP!!Households Food_SNAP%
S2301_C02_001E Estimate!!Labor Force Participation Rate!!Population 16 years and over Labor%
S2301_C04_001E Estimate!!Unemployment rate!!Population 16 years and over UI%
S2303_C01_031E Estimate!!Total!!Population 16 to 64 years!!Mean usual hours worked for workers Mean_Hrs
S2401_C01_018E Estimate!!Total!!Civilian employed population 16 years and over!!Service occupations: Ser_Work%
S2701_C01_017E Estimate!!Total!!Civilian noninstitutionalized population!!RACE AND HISPANIC OR LATINO ORIGIN!!Black or African American alone Black%
S2701_C01_023E Estimate!!Total!!Civilian noninstitutionalized population!!RACE AND HISPANIC OR LATINO ORIGIN!!Hispanic or Latino (of any race) Hispanic%
S2701_C01_024E Estimate!!Total!!Civilian noninstitutionalized population!!RACE AND HISPANIC OR LATINO ORIGIN!!White alone, not Hispanic or Latino White%
S2701_C01_032E Estimate!!Total!!Civilian noninstitutionalized population!!NATIVITY AND U.S. CITIZENSHIP STATUS!!Foreign born Foreign%
S2701_C01_035E Estimate!!Total!!Civilian noninstitutionalized population!!DISABILITY STATUS!!With a disability Disability%
S2701_C05_001E Estimate!!Percent Uninsured!!Civilian noninstitutionalized population NoInsureAll%
S2701_C05_002E Estimate!!Percent Uninsured!!Civilian noninstitutionalized population!!AGE!!Under 6 years NoInsure<6%
S2701_C05_011E Estimate!!Percent Uninsured!!Civilian noninstitutionalized population!!AGE!!Under 19 years NoInsur<19%
B09010_001E Estimate!!Total: Tot_<18H
B09010_002E Estimate!!Total:!!Living in household with Supplemental Security Income (SSI), cash public assistance income, or Food Stamps/SNAP in the past 12 months: SNAP$SSI_<18%
B19055_001E Estimate!!Total: Tot_H
B19055_002E Estimate!!Total:!!With Social Security income SS_I
B19056_002E Estimate!!Total:!!With Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Sup_SS_I
B19057_002E Estimate!!Total:!!With public assistance income Cash_Asst
B19058_002E Estimate!!Total:!!With cash public assistance or Food Stamps/SNAP Cash_SNAP
B19065_001E Estimate!!Aggregate Social Security income in the past 12 months (in 2021 inflation-adjusted dollars) SS_Tot$
B19083_001E Estimate!!Gini Index Gini_Index
B25031_001E Estimate!!Median gross rent --!!Total: Median_gRent
B25058_001E Estimate!!Median contract rent Median_cRent
B25070_001E Estimate!!Total: G_Rent
B25070_010E Estimate!!Total:!!50.0 percent or more G_Rent_50%I
B25071_001E Estimate!!Median gross rent as a percentage of household income G_Rent_%I
B25105_001E Estimate!!Median monthly housing costs Median_H$
B99087_001E Estimate!!Total: Tot_H
B99087_005E Estimate!!Total:!!Worked from home Work_Home