ACS Cross-Class Tables: HH Income by HH Size

I have been trying to find an ACS (five-year) cross-class table that includes HH income by HH size (eg, 4 INC groups x 3 SIZE groups).  Is there an obvious table that I have completely missed?  Is there a way to build such a cross-class (or expected values) table using separate ACS data on HH income and HH size?  I'd appreciate any guidance you may have or resources I should consult.

  • Garth--

    If you don't mind using old ACS 2012-16 data, then try the CTPP database.
     It has at least four crosstabs that include household size (5 levels) X household income (number of levels varies)

    Possibly the crosstabs you want are

    A112208  (not available for all geographies)

    A112301 or A112303 or A112306  (each of these has a third variable cross tabbed)

    CTPP is updated roughly twice per decade. I'm not an insider -- but the last I heard was that CTPP from 2017-21 survey data would be published in summer 2024 (and that's optimistically = if disclosure review board is happy and there are no other bureaucratic snags).

    hope that helps.

    --Todd Graham

  • Thanks, Todd.  I'm trying to avoid the use of the 2012-2016 CTPP data and applying its cell %s to 2020 HH data.  I believe the next CTPP data product will be 2020-2024.  I was hoping there was a way to build a contingency table of expected values based on HHs by income and size categories, but I don't think I can do that using continuous/discrete variables.