2021 5-year ACS data: sex by age by race

Hello everyone!

I am new to this forum, but does anyone know whether there is population data by age by race at block group level in 2021 5-year ACS? I am now looking for the population in each age group and race at the block group level in California. For example, the While-alone population in the age group of 65+ in a block group.

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  • The age by sex detail tables are in the B01001 A-G but the race tables only go down to the census tract level.  B01001 does go down to the block group level but it is the overall (all races) table.  So if you want AGE x SEX x RACE at the block group level you are out of luck. I looked at the decennial census "P" tables but there aren't age x sex x race breakdowns like the 5 year ACS tables.

  • PL94 has population and race at every level and age 18 only for age for 2020. If we ever get SF1 it would have age detail by single year, if any of that helps. I’m not sure how 5 year averages could help you when one of those years is a 100% count (a Census year, albeit a troubled one)

  • Absolutely, if I can get the 2020 census data like the P12 tables in Summary 1 Files in 2010, that would be great. I guess I have to wait for the 2020 data to be released.

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