Percentage of Palm Beach County youth (age below 18) living in poverty by RACE

How to get year 2020 Percent of Palm Beach County FL, youth living in poverty by RACE?  Thank you.

  • B17020 (Poverty x Age)  and B17020A - I  You have to glue together the A-G  tables  H and I are Not.Hispanic   and Hispanic

    These are for above/below poverty level   There aren't tables for 200% poverty -- You have to use a PUMS file and Small Area Estimation for that.


  • Thank you David for providing so much information.  I am new here and ACS.  I don't quite understand...Would you mind to give me a little more detail or steps, Thank you very much!

  • Dear Jin,

    If you are using,  in the search box at the top you type in "B17020A" The title for this table is B17001A POVERTY STATUS IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS BY SEX BY AGE (WHITE ALONE).  On the left side of the screen select the geography or "geo."  In your case "county"  Find the "geos" tab/link and click on it. Select "county" and a menu with all the states will appear.   Select Florida then select Palm Beach on the next menu that comes up. Close the geography window and your table will come up.   For the ACS 2021 1 year tables there are 1021 "white only"males below 5 years old  who are under the poverty level.. To switch to the ACS 2020 5 year estimates look right below the table name for the pull down menu that gives the available data sets.  Select 2020: "ACS 5-Year Estimates Detailed Tables"  Now download and save the table as either Excel or "csv"  You will need to continue to download tables B17001B to B17001G.  You will need to copy the data out of these 7 tables to get all the races.  You can also download the "overall" table B17001, which does not break out race.  Note if you add up the A-G tables you will not get the numbers in B17001 as some people don't answer the race question. You should be able to find a video showing you how to do this on the Census website or YouTube.

    There are ways to automate all of this but you need a statistical programming package to do the programming. If you know how to computer program you can use the free package "tidy census." First you need to download "R" the main statistical package which is also free.

    Hope this helps