poverty levels among 60+

Hello. I seek the # or % of older adults (60 years and older) across increments of FPL categories (e.g., 100%, 120%, 135%, 150%) - for New Mexico. Please, could someone help me?

  • Look at B17024   The age categories are 55-64  and 65-74 and  75 and over

    the poverty levels are in intervals starting at below 50% going up to 500% +   there are 12 different intervals.

    Since you are doing all of NM, you could use the NM PUMS file and create your own poverty levels and age intervals. POVPIP and AGEP are the relevant person level variables.

    POVPIP has missing values if you use the API interface the missing value is -1 If you use the FTP csv files then the missing value is a blank ",," field.

  • Perfect. Thank you so very much, David! The B17024 table will work just fine for me. With much appreciation!