Beginner ACS user struggling to find some detailed tables

I’m using ACS data for the first time and working with the 2021 1-year estimates. The data I need mostly comes from detailed tables and in some cases I’m not sure how to find the right table. 

For example: I’m looking for “Age Distribution” data for “White alone.” S0101 is divided by sex and cannot be filtered by race or ethnicity. I have tried a few searches and have not yet found a detailed table that is specific to race. (For other data like Income, I have successfully found tables like B19013A that are specific.)

Another example: I’m looking for “Poverty Rate” data for “American Indian or Alaska Native alone.” I’m having the same problem as above.

I may just not know the right keywords to search - or I might be using ACS incorrectly in a more fundamental way. Would appreciate any advice!