People in households without a child under 18 present SOLVED also children in group quarters

Does anyone know of a table (or combination of tables) where you can get a count of people who live in a household without a child under 18 present ?

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I think that I figured this out.

B09005 HOUSEHOLD TYPE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 18 YEARS IN HOUSEHOLDS (EXCLUDING HOUSEHOLDERS, SPOUSES, AND UNMARRIED PARTNERS) Universe: Population under 18 years in households (excluding householders, spouses, and unmarried partners)

This gives you children under 18 in households.

B25008 TOTAL POPULATION IN OCCUPIED HOUSING UNITS BY TENURE Universe: Total population in occupied housing units

This gives you people in occupied housing units

B01003 TOTAL POPULATION Universe: Total population

Using B01003 you can subtract the total from B25008 to get the population in group quarters.

Subtracting B09005 from from B25008 you have people 18 years and over who live in households without children

You have the following categories

  Population in Group quarters / population in households with children / population in households without children.

  You can also use B01001 to get the population of people under 18 years.  Using total children under 18 years and subtracting that from total population Under 18 year olds in occupied households this gives you children under 18 years old in group quarters.    This might be of interest to someone.  I would think that someone studying children would be interested how many children are living in group quarters.